Reverse Circulation Drill Rig

Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs

Reverse Circulation Mud Rotary Rig is powered by single/double engine and rated to drill 18” to 60” Dia. hole 400 feet to 600 feet deep using the centrifugal pump. Deeper holes are possible with Air injection equipment. The Centrifugal pump is designed to pass rocks and cutting up to 5 1/2" Dia. and is provided with a small, self-priming centrifugal pump for a simple, trouble-free system of priming

Mast is raised and lowered by hydraulically. It will clear up to 25 feet to handle 40” casing. Kelly is easily removable for setting large casing. Self Priming 6” Jet eductor system by-pass all cutting, boulders and grit from centrifugal pump and avoid priming trouble. Efficient for creating vacuum in line result greater depth of drilling.

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Reverse Circulation Drill Rig

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