Triplex Pump

About Our Reciprocating Pumps

Triplex, single acting, reciprocating piston pump

GPS Series, Triplex, single acting, Piston type, high pressure, reciprocating slush pumps are widely used for mining, industrial, Geophysical survey & Core Drilling applications, for handling drilling mud and general water service

Pumps are specially designed for to handle high pressure applications. The pump can be supplied as a bare pump OR complete with diesel engine OR electric motor, drive through Tyre coupling / “V” Belts.

The pump can also be supplied with transmission gear box OR hydraulic transmission for regulating discharges to suit varying field conditions. The pump can be supplied with delivery line, Air vessel, Relief valve, Pressure gauge and Discharge & By pass Valve. The Pump is available with drive arrangement mounted on steel fabricated skid.

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